Simple Ouroboro Tattoo for Men

31 Cool Ouroboros Tattoo Designs

Cool Ouroboros Tattoo Designs – Ouroboros tattoo designs is perfect worn by both men and women, although a touch bit scary, but ouroboro tattoo will make you look more masculine. Ouroboro symbol is associated with a distinct phenomenon that such continuity, self-reflexivity and movement. Ancient symbols of an important historical heritage of culture and traditions. These symbols have many meanings hidden in it that would draw inspiration from ancient mythology and […]

Tiger Tattoo Designs and Meanings

37 Tiger Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Tiger Tattoo Designs and Meanings – Tiger tattoo designs have a unique look and a cool, tiger tattoo designs to actually originated as part of a tribal tattoo. Tiger tattoo designs are very suitable to serve as an inspirational tattoos for men and women who do like the art form of body ink tattoo designs. Tiger tattoo designs are also suitable to be placed anywhere on the body parts are different. Tiger […]

Peacock Feather Tattoos Meaning

27 Peacock Feather Tattoos Meaning

Peacock Feather Tattoo – Cool and awesome is the right word to describe the peacock feather tattoo meaning. Peacock feather tattoo is a tattoo design that is a trend for this time and is suitable for use by women and girls. Peacock feather tattoo is also very easy to place any part you like. Peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds species in the world. Has Peacocks feathers are soft and beautiful […]

3D Tattoos For Girls

20 Amazing 3D Tattoos For Girls

3D Tattoos For Girls – 3D Tattoos is a tattoo design idea that is unique, interesting, and creative that can serve as inspiration tattoos for girls. Some of last year’s 3D Tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers, especially for the girls. Some time ago we also discussed the 3D tattoo designs for men, but especially for this time we will be a variety of the best of 3D tattoo designs for […]

Small Wrist Tattoos

36 Small Wrist Tattoos

Small Wrist Tattoos – The wrist is one part that is very popular among men and women for tattoo design ideas. If you really have a desire to have a small tattoo design, the small wrist tattoos can be to serve as a good idea. Wrist is a suitable part to get a small tattoo design. Wrist is also a very sensitive part of the body, high-potential areas for creativity […]

Lower Back Tattoos for Women

19 Lower Back Tattoos for Women

Lower Back Tattoos for Women – Some women do love tattoos because it gives them the feel of being unique and artistic. Surely there is nothing wrong with it and this is going to be a really good thing to know that some women have tattoos because of it is the way they keep something important in their life to be remembered. There are so many places that they like to […]